Monday, November 3, 2014

Meet Rhonda Zymler, Kidlit Sleuth

Ever try to catch a guy who isn't there? And I don't just mean he's hiding. I mean he doesn't have a body.

Dr. Ebenezer Corbin is a ghost, and he's trying to tell me something. He keeps visiting my school, Corbin Elementary (guess who that's named after!), leaving me mysterious notes about a locker that doesn't even exist anymore. My locker's got the next number to the one he wants, but I can't bring back a locker that's gone. Can I?

It's messed up enough that a dead guy from a hundred years ago is badgering me about some locker. It gets even worse when another ghost shows up. Or doesn't show up, if you see what I mean. This one isn't so nice. Leaving notes isn't his style. He's more of a bully. And, just like with a bully at school, it's sometimes hard to tell what he really wants.

Good thing Tallulah, this old lady in our neighborhood, happens to be a psychic. She helps my two BFFs and me solve this riddle. A seance? Yeah, sure. But there's a few other amazing tricks up her sleeve, too. And she has some seriously creepy stuff in her house!

A middle-grade paranormal mystery novel 
by Anne E. Johnson

A hundred years ago, Corbin Elementary School's building housed Dr. Ebenezer Corbin's School for Psychical Research. It seems that a couple of old spirits are still wandering the halls. It's up to Rhonda Zymler to find out what they want.

Ebenezer's Locker follows the adventures of Rhonda, a sassy sixth-grader who's having trouble finding her place and identity. Getting to know these spirits becomes Rhonda's quest. The more she digs, the more perilous her task becomes, and to complete it she must take two trips back in time. This story blends the realities of an economically challenged modern American town with supernatural elements. What Rhonda finds not only gives her life a sense of purpose but changes the fortunes of her entire town.

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