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Sunday Musings: December 7 2014

Happy December Musers! 

It is the holiday season and time for warm fuzzy thoughts to all.

However, writers never stop. We keep writing...if only to silent the voices in our heads (to steal an overused saying). To use another saying, how many of you are familiar with K.I.S.S.? No, not the band but the phrase - keep it simple silly (okay, I know it's supposed to be a different word from, silly, but I'm not using that word ;)

Now simple is good. Actually, keeping it simple is very good. Then there are times you want to bring a feel, smell, or sound to your piece as well. Here you may find a bit more wording works.

So, today's Musings is another writing exercise. Our Muse-authors are using touch, smell, and/or sound to describe colours.

Now what I'm going to attempt is to hide the actual colour being described. All you, hopefully, need to do is cursor over the space between the *  * markings and see if you read the right colour.

Let's get going:

The Aroma of *Red*

Powder-puff rose petals,
spicy persimmon,
the tart taste of ripe apples,
sirens outside my window,
sweet-sour cranberry sauce,
Rudolph's bright nose,
a fire burned down to coals



It's cold, like dipping your feet into an icy lake.
It's sweet like a grape and leaves your tongue tingling.
It's soft like a cloud, but sometimes it can be harder than a rock.
It's deep, the distance you feel when you take a ring off your finger.
It's sad, melancholy like a burning slap across your cheek,
stinging like the wind has bitten your nose.
*Blue* is lighter than a rock and heavier than a feather.
Quieter than a brass band, but louder than a church mouse.
*Blue* is all things medium and in between.
*Blue* is a math problem you just can't solve.
It is the chill ache in your brain when you eat ice cream too quickly.
It smells like bleach and antiseptics.
*Blue* is. It just is.

DAWN KNOX, author


From the merest blush in the sky as the sun sinks below the horizon, to the richest marmalade, studded with tangy shreds of peel.
From the heat of flame flicker to the chill of burnished metal.
From the stickiness of fragrant honey to the silky smoothness of polished amber.
From the brittleness of autumn leaves to the moist crunch of carrots.
*Orange*, you are sunny, you are warm and you delight our souls. 

The Joy of *Green*

Spring Leaves
Forest *Green*
Cos Lettuce
Savoy Cabbage
Peas on the Vine
Beans nestling among Leaves
Watercress soup
Spinach garden fresh
Holly and Ivy
Sycamore and Oak Leaves
*Green* in all its variety.

Ken:    Ouch, turn out the light, willya?

Anne:  Aren’t you working today?

Ken:    (Holding his hand over his face).  Can’t.  Migraine.  Did you see the Sunday Musing this week?

Anne:  “Using only touch, smell, and sound describe colors.”  Hmmmm.

Ken:    Ouch, ouch ouch! Please!  Don’t repeat it.  If you could see the inside of my eyelids, you would have mercy.

Anne:  What color are they, Ken?

Ken:    You know the color the edge of the sky gets on a clear night when the sun goes down?

Anne: I think so. Tell me more.

Ken:    Combine that with the sparks that molten iron throws off when a hammer strikes the anvil.

Anne: That bad?

Ken:    Plus, you know the stuff in the air after an electrical storm?

Anne: Ozone? 

Ken:    That’s the taste in my mouth right now.  I’m sorry.  I just can’t.

Anne: It’s okay, I think we’re good.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
 If you have a question or comment you’d like us to muse upon, do not hesitate to contact me Christine Steeves-Speakman  at

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