Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meet Susan Leona Fisher

Meet Susan Leona Fisher, historical romance writer, and author of:

The Baronet's Daughter
The Adventures of Jane Waterford
Rose Glace Confectioner to a Duke  (March 24)

Susan Leona Fisher took up the challenge of writing fiction on her retirement, having been a technical/academic writer in her former working life. She’s particularly interested in the late Victorian to early Twentieth Century period and the influential women of those pre-female suffrage years. So you’ll find links to the past in much of her writing. Still learning the craft, she’s been trying both contemporary and historical settings. Born a Londoner she’s spent most of her adult life trailing round England with her vicar husband’s various postings and both are now enjoying living in the North Yorkshire Dales. He writes music, she just writes (but also plays bridge, tennis, cello in an oldies orchestra, and does a little voluntary work).

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