Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Musings: January 11 2015

What are your plans for 2015?

We're not talking resolutions...those I break even before I make them. Plans are those wonderful dreams, needs, wants, everything we actively work (play if you're lucky) at accomplishing. The Plan is what moves us to our goals.

Musers, take it away...


My 2015 plans are simple: To keep on writing, assuming I can coax the several ideas rolling around in my mind into full life.

SS HAMPTON SR., author

In 2015 my plans are to study at a university working on my Bachelors degree (I am enrolled for the Spring Semester); continue writing; work harder at getting my name and writings into the public eye via marketing/public relations; and find female models to work with as I start photographing more (plus painting and drawing).


My plans for 2015 are to get myself known as an author in my local area. I am going to try to line up as many book signings and readings as I can.

I am also going to finish the sequel to my first novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor called Jennifer's Story. Also I will be working on the novel I wrote years ago and had critiqued by an editor and an agent. It is about a boy who has a surfing accident while vacationing in the Hamptons in beach house his parents inherited from his grandfather. As he is recuperating from his injury he finds his grandpa's diary an old surfboard and his grandpa's ghost. So I should really be busy writing.

This is the first New Year since 1964 that I started without my husband. He was my biggest cheerleader for my writing so it's going to be hard without him. I do know that his spirit is watching me and encouraging me.


Some of my plans for 2015 are finishing the sequel to my novel Aizai the Forgotten and work on getting it published, market my writing better (much better, hopefully!), finish my Bachelor's degree in physics, go on a trip somewhere nice before starting my Masters, and discover the meaning of life--the latter is an ongoing project of indefinite length :)


My goal is to submit my third Kay Driscoll mystery to MIU in January and then begin anew.

My husband will be retiring this year and we are considering a move closer to where our son, his wife, and our grandson live. Although we are open to other cities.

We love to travel and I hope 2015 takes us to some exciting places.


Happy New Year, guys! My goals for 2015 are as follows:

1. Finish draft 2.5 of Scotch (a novel in progress)

2. Wrap up revisions on The Disorderlies (another wip)

3. Finish draft one of Things Heard in a Graveyard ('nother)

4. Read at least twenty books

5. Finish reading the six books I started before the new year

6. Help more around the house

Overall, I want to write and read more, worry less, and live my life the way God intended.


Have five books lined up to be published this year, and hope very much to keep to that schedule. Every book we write is special and I know you'll agree with that

DAWN KNOX, author

This will be the year that I hold in my hand a book with my name written on it. Last year I had an ebook published 'Daffodil and the Thin Place', so I've almost achieved one of my ambitions. Strangely, last year, I achieved something that I'd never dared to have as an ambition. I'd have thought it completely impossible. A script that I wrote was performed last December and it will be performed in Germany and France this year at Christmas. So, going to watch the performances in both countries is something I definitely plan to do.


During 2015 I will see my first novel in print, and release my second novel. I'll be working on my third as well. I look to increase my presence in marketing and in live events, and hopefully increase my sales as well. I had a thoroughly inspiring honeymoon over the holidays, and am channeling the inspiration into new stories. 2014 was the year that I got married and bought a house; perhaps 2015 will be a year to increase my family size.


My 2015 will end with eight novels either in print or on their way to print. I'm hoping to write at least one story inspired by my honeymoon in 2014 set in Norway and/or Iceland. With the new year comes new challenges, and my biggest will be to stay a full-time writer as my spouse's job is uncertain. But I'll mix in a lot of travel in the U.S. And Canada, and keep life as fun as possible.


My plans for 2015 include a bit of travel within the U.S., finishing my tenth manuscript "Robes of Destiny" for submission sometime in Spring 2015, working on the edits for my Spring/Summer 2015 release "Where the Lion Dwells" with Lea, and starting on my eleventh manuscript, "Triumph Without Glory" to have it ready for submission in the second quarter of 2016. In between all that, I'll visit family in Colorado and have a spot of back surgery. All told, it won't be a boring year!


My plans for 2015 are all about balance. I travelled to 2 conferences--Newfoundland and Massachusetts--not counting the one in my Province of New Brunswick last year, so I'll skip them this year (more writing, right?). I'm going to Florida and Ontario for sun and fun, respectively. I'm sending in the manuscript for Book 3 in a week or so, and have begun Book 4 of my series Donovan: Thief4Hire. This means I'm hoping to finish Book 4 in 2015. Of course I can!

I'd love to play more guitar, so I will, by scheduling it into my week. And we've invited 3 new writers into our writers group, so I intend to learn from them.

I'll expand the number of bookstores and libraries that will offer my book(s), and I'll try to exercise more. (I can't promise you I'll try, but I'll try to try. Ha!)

Thanks for being such good companions on my journey, folks.


For 2015, seeking balance after a tumultuous 2014.

Get and stay healthy.

Have more time for me.

Spend more unconstructed time with daughter while she still enjoys spending time with me.

Improve my craft.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!

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ChrisChat said...

I've shouted to the universe that this spring I'm trying belly dancing :)

Kim Baccellia said...

You're brave, Chris. I signed up to try belly dancing and chickened out at the last moment.

Kim Baccellia said...

I didn't sent my 2015 resolutions as I've been down after the death of my beloved pet. Went to local OCCRWA meeting yesterday though and the Entangled editor lit a fire under my tush. Needed so much!

My biggest 2015 goals include finishing a sequel to CROSSED OUT and then hitting this YA thriller.

Also plan to write every day--except Sundays. Will try to keep negativity about myself and my writing out of my life!

ChrisChat said...

Kim...if you were closer I'd bring ya belling dancing with me :)

Hang in there

J.Q. Rose said...

I'd say we have some mighty industrious and ambitious folks in the MIU house. Kudos to all of you and wishing you success with your goals. I'll be finishing and submitting my third mystery this spring. I want to do audio interviews and webinars to promote my books and authors! Also self pubbing writing tips from romance and mystery authors. Happy New Year 2015 from J.Q. Rose!