Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Musings: March 29 2015

My Partner in Crime?

Hello, Musers!

Well, this is our last March Sunday. The famous 'they' say we're now into Spring, but I think someone better tell the weather. Still, it is nice to know we've reached the end of the long winter tunnel.

Everything is starting to bud and feel new. New energies...spring cleaning, anyone? Maybe even new stories. Which is the lead into this week's musings:

If you could write with any author...famous or not, living or dead...who would you team up with?

Now, Lea would tell you I would probably write with the author(s) of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. The hubby might say Louis L'Amour. But I there's something about Mickey Spillane. Hey, why not all of them...and toss Shakespeare in there, too.  Homer? 

I can think of three without even having to ponder:

J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
Andre Norton -- I've written in her universes but I never had the privilege of collaborating with her.

LESLEY FIELD, new HOT author

If I could team up with an author on a historical novel I would love that to be "Sarah MacLean."  If it was a contemporary novel then I would choose "Susan Mallery," "Sarah Morgan," or "Debbie Macomber."

Good idea, Chris, but not for me. I tried it once and it was a chore and I didn't really like the result, although my team mate was an excellent writer.

Without a doubt, I’d love to team up with Robert Jordan. Imagine the discussions we could have about how create a world as in-depth and interesting as the one he created for the Wheel of Time series.

I had to think about this one a little bit. Probably the author I would like to team up to write with would be Judy Blume. She and I write YA and I have always liked her writing style. But also I might want to write with Paula Danziger, who also wrote with Judy Blume and who was my mentor.

I’d choose Georgette Heyer. I’d love to examine her copious shelf of reference books and, with her help of course, to have a go at setting a historical romance in the regency period.

I would like to meet Georgette Heyer, I fell in love with her historical fiction as a teenager when I borrowed her novels from a next door neighbor, who subscribed to a book club. From time to time, I re-read them. They give me as much pleasure now as they did in the past.

DAWN KNOX, author

The author I would have loved to have teamed up with is Terry Pratchett, who sadly died a short while ago. He is my favourite author and I am in awe of his imagination and the characters and worlds he brings to life. My current work in progress is set in an absurd world where garden gnomes run riot and I would have loved some input and advice from the man who I consider the master.

J.Q. ROSE, author

I'd like to team up with Janet Evanovich. She writes the best characters and has such a great sense of humor in her stories. We'd probably laugh through every word we put on the page.


Which author would I want to pair up with? The authors I would choose would eat me up whole! Stephen King would be fun. James Patterson would make me rich. Louise Penny would challenge me--heck, they ALL would challenge me. But it would be so fun. (My fourth novel, the one I’m currently immersed in, is the first novel I am working on with a partner. My wife is contributing strongly to the plot and character elements.)

I would like to team up with Grace Livingston Hill.  I enjoy her portrayals of the best that is in people, the way we ought to live—more evident, of course, because of some of the worst in people e.  Maybe that’s why they linger so long in my memory.  And such a prolific writer!  I have read…and reread…many, many books from a young age on.  Yet I remember very few of the authors’ names.  Some of my books I reread just because the book is there and I feel like reading.  But when I choose one I really want to reread, it’s usually hers.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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