Saturday, April 4, 2015

Social Networking : UGH! Must I?

Many writers shy away from social media because they don’t understand the value these entities offer when used properly, and I’m referring to places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. They offer you an opportunity to connect with people, to build that relationship of trust, allowing them to get to know you, the writer, and your books.

Social media is a means to draw attention and traffic to your website. Once upon a time writers needed to travel to meet with potential readers. Nowadays, the Internet allows the world to be a much smaller arena than before, reaching far and wide, connecting with people who would never have had a chance to discover a writer.

All one has to do is look at the vast memberships in various social networks. We’re talking millions of people just waiting to discover writers and their books.

But let me explore another area about social networking that stumps authors: joining every single one and then losing connections because the author suddenly feels overwhelmed with the time spent online and not writing. A writer needs to smartly invest their time, analyze social networks that may be more beneficial to them because that’s where their targeted audience will be found, and make sure they utilize this arena consistently and smartly.  And by this I mean to figure out what exactly do you want to achieve? Set goals, daily or weekly goals, set a schedule for social networking and make sure you follow your agenda to be consistent. 

This is the same method to follow when setting up a blog. What’s the point of setting up a blog to draw readers in and get to know you and your books if you only post once in a blue moon. You will be easily forgotten, trust me. 

And don’t measure success of a blog by comments. Readers read but rarely do they leave a comment. Check your blogger stats to see how many viewings you had in a given day/post. That’s your gauge. Also check to see the day you had a considerable amount of viewings, what did you post? Here’s another clue as to what perhaps your fans are more interested in.

Inactivity gives the impression you may have gone to ‘Bye Bye Land’, stepped away from your writing career. 

So my humble advice to end this first posting is to find one or two social networks, perhaps Facebook and Twitter, study other successful authors and what/when they post, schedule your time to make sure you have a presence, a consistent presence, and begin with those. Don’t overextend yourselves otherwise you risk dropping an important area that can help you down the line.

Oh, one last thing…a consistent presence doesn’t refer to only posting BUY MY BOOK, MY BOOK IS ON SPECIAL. These are the type of posts that will force readers to shy away from you, to ignore you to put it bluntly. 

Stay tuned for more later this week...but for now I'd like to ask you this:

Are you afraid of social marketing? Do you find it zaps your energy and time? Has social marketing helped you in some way? Please feel free to share your insights with us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with only picking a couple social media networks to concentrate on - my favorite is Twitter - I've been very savvy with choosing who I follow and who follows's taken a while to build it up, but I've finally reached a little over 5000.

How I use Facebook - I concentrate on the groups that are promo friendly and there are tons of them...and I pay attention to how many member they already have and if my books will fit their criteria / rules of promoting.