Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Musings: May 10 2015

pic by C Steeves Speakman

Hello Musers and Muser Mom's on this North America's Mother's Day.

What can I tell you about this week's Musings? It's another writing prompt, except this one is coming from a visual rather than emotion or mental idea.

I like taking photos. I'm not a people or tourist person, I'm more emotional and imagination. So, when I say we've used a visual prompt, these are photos I have taken (and given my permission here to MuseItUp for usage ;)

Let's get musing...

pic by C Steeves Speakman
 The visual prompt for this week's musings.

What do you see?

This might be the wildest Musing ever. Here is mine, because that photo is so full of ideas.

Sunday Musing about photo

The branches covered with snow look like hands grasping and trying to come through the growth. It’s like a living presence is behind the branches and striving to come forward. I see some strange looking faces with only eyes and one that looks like a Ms Pacman with its mouth open. it’s a strange conglomeration of fantasy and reality as the branches with less snow strive to keep this alien presence from pushing through. But they are crawling out slowly and one is almost out of there. You can see its hand holding onto an outside snow covered branch.

Winter solace. Peace and tranquility.

It reminds me of walking at Jack Pine nature trail in Ottawa where I walk in the winter to feed the chickadees. It's a really nice spot, and I've been going there with my family since I was a little kid. Also reminds me of how cold it can get in Ottawa, and how I'm so glad it's spring now, after a hard winter for my poor chilblain-ridden hands!

They slumber. Beneath the white blanket, the deep cold that drives to the bone, they sleep the sleep of the just, awaiting Spring's zephyr winds to awaken and burst forth. For now, though, they slumber beneath the weight of that blanket, unaware that more of the fluffy feathers of snow are coming down to deepen the blanket beneath which they slumber.​

The garden woke from it's long sleep. Tended with care it fills with colour, the blue of forget-me-nots and cornflowers, Gentle breezes shake 'the darling buds of May'. A froth of apple blossom delights Mother Earth.  For her delight, lilac perfumes the air. Rose buds prepare to open and share their scent. In well-ordered rows lettuce, radish, turnip, carrot and beetroot leaves flourish, fed by humus rich soil. Mother Earth smiles. She anticipates summer and autumn before she slumbers again in preparation for spring.

Ken: Hey, Anne. Take a look at this.  For the Sunday Musing, Chris posted one of those pictures.

Anne: I’m really busy, Ken.  One of what pictures?

Ken: You know, the kind where you hold it up to your face and pull it away and it becomes something else in 3-D.

Anne: (Takes deep breath.  Exhales). You’re thinking of the Sunday comics, Ken.  This is just a regular photograph.  No tricks at all. 

Ken: That might explain my headache.

Anne: The point is to just look at the photograph.  What do you see?  Like over on the right in the middle there’s a guy with his mouth open and to the right of him a sort of monster.  And then up top there is a little dog or something.  And more dogs below and more faces….

Ken: Oh my God!

Anne: You’re getting it?  It’s kind of neat how—

Ken: Wait!  We have to warn Chris.  She said she took the picture right through her window.  That means these little creatures are all out there just waiting for the chance to get into her house. 

Anne: Ken—

Ken: Oh no! I see what you’re thinking.  They got inside already!  They’ve taken over her brain!  They made her post this photograph and now they’re going to take over all of our brains.  What are we going to do?

Anne: (After a somewhat lengthy pause).  I’m going to get back to work.  I think you should go and have a dish of ice cream.

Ken: Great idea.  Ice cream.  Come to think of it, the picture looks a little like an ice cream sundae.  Mmmm, hungry now.

Anne: And Ken?

Ken; Yes, my dear.

Anne:  The part about those little people stealing your brains?  I think you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Ken: Really?  Thanks, Anne.  Oww.  Owww!

Anne: What now?

Ken: Ice cream headache!

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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