Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Musings: May 24 2015

kicking back in luxury, pic by me

Hey, Musers.

It's Memorial Day weekend for our American Musers...all the best to you and yours.

I know I've missed celebrating other special days to our worldwide Musers, but know you're wished much peace and happiness on your days as well.

This week was a tad strange, more of a whirlwind chaos, so I asked a very simple question to our Muse writers.

Describe Luxury

Yup, that's it. Simple? I really don't think you?

The ability to sleep in without guilt... seeing the faces of my children and grandchildren when I surprise them with a gift they never expected. Grocery shopping without keeping track of how much I spend... driving just to drive, with no worries that the gas tank will need refilling. Snuggling with my youngest grandbaby, while the others listen to me read her a book... laughing with my children over silly jokes. Counting my blessings day in and day out, knowing that the best luxuries are those that are free.​

Jane gasped as she followed the other staff into the grand room. She counted fourteen places, beautifully set out with what looked like every piece of cutlery and crystal the place possessed, all of it the best quality silver and cut glass. Each setting was identical and took up so much room that she imagined one must have to shout to hold a conversation even with the person sitting at the adjacent place. Conversation across the table was probably impossible. The lighting was all from candelabras, arranged around the edge of the room and along the middle of the massive dining table. So many that they made the high-ceilinged room pleasantly warm. She’d heard one of the footmen complain earlier about the length of time it took to light them. The diners were entering now. Jane kept her eyes downcast but caught glimpses of the fine gowns of the women, the whiff of expensive-smelling scents and the cultured accents of their chatter as they took their places. In contrast to the range of colours adorning the women, the men all looked the same in black and white. She glanced around quickly and noted two of the older men sported beards in the style of Edward, Prince of Wales. For all she knew, one of them was Edward, Prince of Wales!

(Excerpt from The Adventures of Jane Waterford by Susan Leona Fisher)

My characters, especially those in the Star Commandos series, are current or recent military personnel and live in limited or temporary quarters.  They do, however, enjoy luxury.  For them, that often comes in the form of some fabulous meals in fine restaurants.  As their fortunes increase, the ladies of the unit are able to sport a few fabulous jewels and equally fabulous gowns to wear on important occasions.

Many people think luxury is living in a titanic house gilded by a designer with an expensively exquisite interior with awesome artworks and all surrounded by a botanical garden like property. How can that be luxury when the inhabitants fear breaking or harming the contents? That’s a museum.

Luxury is personal indulgence. Luxury is learning. Luxury is moving with health and vitality. Luxury is spending time in a desired way. Luxury is performing a treasured job. Luxury is helping others. Luxury is sharing escapades with good friends. Luxury is a loving and caring family and returning that love and care. Luxury is living in contentment. Luxury is not knowing how lucky you are.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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