Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Musings: May 3 2015

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Happy May, Musers!

The weather's turning and staying super nice, well my area that is. I'm waking to birds chirping at 4:00 a.m. and this past week saw my first wild turkey. Kinda a strange looking bird...female and frankly, I had no clue they could fly. Lived in this complex and area of the city for tad over forty years and this was my first wild turkey.

You know there's a story there.

Which is a small lead in to today's musings. Like a few, I did watch the Bruce Jenner interview. He said something, which I heard during a sneak peak to the show that struck a cord with me.

"How does my story end?"

Of course, Mr. Jenner was speaking of his own life's journey. However, I couldn't help thinking about my own life and how I want to see its ending. This brought in a lot of closure and acceptance on different issues happening right now. Yes, a story idea came about as well.

Our Musers have been musing on: that one word or phrase which prompted you into or writing.

"Hunt gets a star."  I knew the speaker and the circumstances to which he referred.  Although it occurs at the end of the book, it fired STAND AT CORNITH.


"What do directors do, anyway?" A friend asked this during rehearsals for a show I was stage-managing/understudying. I couldn't give him an answer, but the prompt turned into my screenplay The Method, a story of mischievous actors and a theatre board member with anger issues.

LESLEY FIELD, new HOT author

The first manuscript I submitted to the RNA New Writers scheme told me that I could write.  One word in the critique stood out "tenacity." The reader said I had the tenacity to succeed, and that belief in myself pushed me on. Within 12 months I had a contract with Muse and my life has not stopped moving forward since then.

I guess the words "carpe diem" was the phrase that spurred me on to learn more about the writing process.

At the same moment I found that the writing community had also showed me that they admired my writing. At Manhattanville's Creative Writing Week which was required for my degree credit I was able to meet and talk with a few authors and their praise of my writing plus the oddly comfortable feeling I felt with them spurred me to write more. I started to submit my writing and it was accepted in online magazines.

The next year I again attended Creative Writing Week for credit and I was lucky to land in Paula Danziger's children's writing workshop and she inspired me to write my first novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor. Anyone who has read my blog or seen interviews with me knows the whole story.

J.Q. ROSE, author

Snakes. Just saying snakes brought terror to the eyes of my friend. She and her husband were deathly afraid of them. Their fear nudged me into writing a light horror story dealing with snakes, Sunshine Boulevard. Oops, this may be a spoiler. But those who have read it will either smile or scream. !!

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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