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Sunday Musings: June 14 2015

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Hey, Musers!

Hope you had a great week...or weak?

What's with the word play? Let's see...nope, can't think of any other start but...I tossed this one out simply cause my dad was a terrible speller and I inherited that from him.

Funny thing...he would call me up for spelling of words. And, yes, I used to argue, if I knew how to spell it I wouldn't need the dictionary...and would know how to look it up in order to spell it.


What word do you a your enemy...misspell?

Mine?  definately

Yes...I still can't spell that ____ word :)

OH...Disclaimer: Here at MuseItUp Publishing, our authors are from around the world and what may look like a wrong spelling may just be the correct spelling depending on American or British spelling usage.

Ninety.  I have to look it up every time, no matter how often I write it.

I almost always misspell "definitely" too! (Just now I had to say def-in-ITE-ly in my head haha) But also, I have trouble with "irresponsible."

Not so much a spelling thing, but we're landscaping right now, and I can NEVER remember the difference between the words perrenial and annual- even now, I'm not sure which one dies every year without looking it up. I ended up telling my wife we wanted "Shirelings" in the front (they live short) and "Elves" (live very long lives, come back each year) on the side of the house.  ;-)

LESLEY FIELD, new HOT author

At junior school I got pulled up for misspelling beautiful.  Now if I need to use that word I always spell it out in my head as I'm writing it...b e a u t i f u l. A lesson from long ago but not forgotten.

Misspelled words? I've never been a great speller, I think it is a genetical thing. My most often (a karma thing -- I used to say off-ten until I was corrected as a student teacher by my mentor teacher. "The T is silent." Now I say off-en and every newscaster in USA say off-ten -- sorry back to topic) misspelled word is February. I also know why--karma again. In fourth grade we were having a spelling bee in class. Just as the teacher got to me and gave me the word February, which I knew I couldn't spell, the lunch bell rang and the class was dismissed. I walked home and for once my Dad was home for lunch. I casually asked him how to spell my word. I kept repeating it until I got back to class. Sure enough, my teacher said 'February' for my word and I spelled it correctly for the last time for many, many years. If I'm not thinking, I still mix up the ru for ur. That's what cheating does, I guess.

I usually have trouble spelling frappuccino, which I had to look up now to be sure of the spelling.

When I was in sixth grade I was in a newspaper spelling bee and I won from my class. I got taken down by the word cemetery. I never forgot how to spell it again.

J.Q. ROSE, author

I reccommend, er, I recommend, uh, I reccomend using to help with the correct spelling of those troublesome words with double letters or not double letters. Grrr--milennium or millennium or millenium?

I've always been awesome at spelling, particularly in school. In my grade 8 English class, though, I was called to write something on the chalkboard. The rule was if you spelled something incorrectly on the chalkboard, you had to write it out 100 times.

I can't remember what I was writing, but I misspelled the word 'criticism'. After writing it out a hundred times, I have never misspelled that word since!

I was a poor speller as a kid, and memorized many lists of 100 most commonly misspelled words. I still mix up dessert (as in chocolate cake) and desert (as in Sahara).

My oldest son is also a poor speller. When he was in middle school, he and his friends used to play dungeons and dragons and took turns making up the adventures. I remember him asking me to check his spelling. When I asked him why, he admitted the friends he played with were good spellers and teased him when he misspelled something.

My son's best friend's mother was a librarian, and had given her son a dungeons and dragons book. That was what started them playing. They played with pencil and paper, not on the computer. That game did more for my son's reading and writing skills than any of his school work ever did.

So, where to start? Odd words like banana, remember and restaurant have always caused me problems. As I get older some of the spelling 'rules' are harder to remember. Does it end in ible or able. Should that be ... ent or ... ant? And that real bugbear, practise or practice. So many pitfalls for a writer, but I own several dictionaries in several languages.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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