Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Musings: June 7 2015

just kicking back with MuseItUp

Howdy Musers!

After an insane week, I'm thrilled this weekend started with sunshine, warm-cool weather, and a fine BBQ with family. Here's to an equally fantastic Sunday.

What are we musing about today? Well, we're actually aiming to intrigue with our taglines.

These are the catch-grab sentence (no more than a couple) we hope play in your mind and pull you to check us out. Who knew one little sentence could be worth so much.

Sit back, enjoy, and I hope we grab ya.


He's a thief for hire seeking redemption. Who knew redemption could be so dangerous?

She’s set on a career in catering - he’s cooking up a rather different scheme.

A Jesuit seeks the key to an eight-hundred year old treasure that will shake the foundations of the Judeo-Christian world.

A war prize soaked in human blood hungers for still more.  Can FitzGerald’s soldiers survive and warn their waiting comrades?

Lauren, fifteen, has her life change after a phone call from her father.

An alleged suicide... unanswered questions... another teen disappears... What really happened at Starlight?

They were dying to be famous...but who would resort to murder?

His heart captured by the Countess only Captain Howard sees pain behind her fashionable fa├žade and is determined to help her.

Murder comes to town and so does Kay Driscoll, whose tenacious nature tells her city officials are attempting a cover-up and she must expose the truth.

A talking pigeon.  A hawk seeking revenge.  Central Park will never be the same.


Mucus Phlegmball, a radioactive snot-blowing superhero, must save his town from mutant squirrels in this time traveling hilarious adventure.

Dragons and Elves in Vegas… Oh, myyy…

Global apocalypse never felt so good.

Sometimes people choose to live life to the fullest..


Unwrapping was never so much fun.


Four dimensions, three hearts, two fate.

LIAM STALLS,  Hot author

Moans and groans from the couple in the next stall conjures a hunk for Sally.

Erin has met the man of her dreams, but Griffin is a little behind the times-- somewhere around 600 years.

Armed only with creative determination, can a nearly-blind boy conquer continents, sickness and the dwindling clock in order to return to his fiancee before he loses her?

Lady Daisy discovers too late that getting what you want in life creates its own dilemma.

Jillian Waylan planned the perfect Halloween party until things go a bit...wacky?

Broken plans plus Vegas risks equal Tina’s dreams.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!
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Unknown said...

These taglines are great - they make me want to read every book. Good job!

anne stenhouse said...

Thanks, Lexa. How nice of you to say so, anne stenhouse

J.Q. Rose said...

Great creative and intriguing.