Friday, June 19, 2015

The Bridesmaid Wore Stains

Tis the season for weddings, and what a better way to begin summer than with Conda V. Douglas’ humorous romance, The Bridesmaid Wore Stains.

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Poor Kat. Her best friend Debbie insists Kathleen-the-Klutz wear her ugliest bridesmaid's dress to Debbie's wedding. Worse, Kat must bring a plus one! Much worse, if Kat can't get up the courage to ask her new boyfriend, Gary, Debbie threatens to set Kat up with Kat's childhood nemesis, Luke, as a substitute. Can Kat avoid staining her new relationship with Gary long enough to see Debbie down the aisle, or will her trademark clumsiness condemn her to a bridesmaid's worst nightmare?

5 stars: “I highly recommend this lovely, spicy 'lunchtime' read!”

5 stars: “…funny right from the onset and stays funny right until the end.”

4 stars: “My advice on reading this light-hearted tale would mainly be that if there's a disaster dress in your wardrobe, give it to charity before someone orders you to wear it at a formal occasion!”



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