Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Musings: Resolutions for our writing

Hello again, hope you've missed us these last couple of weeks.

Time has a way of slipping by before you realize it's gone and not coming back. At no point is this more obvious than the new year when we're making new promises and resolutions. Well, today's musings comes from our newest Muse Family Author, Terri Bertha:

What resolutions can we make to push/improve our writing...move our writing forward?

Let's see what's been musing:

TERRI BERTHA, Mainstream NEW author

I always read my manuscript out loud.  If I find I'm stumbling over the words, then the sentences definitely need to be rewritten.  This year, I want to incorporate stronger verbs in my writing so the reader can completely 'see' the story in their mind and be able to 'step into what my characters are seeing and feeling' for their reading experience.

A resolution to move my writing forward for 2016 includes spending time analyzing writers of both commercial and literary books, looking at what people today want to read, why, and how they read, and trying to meet them there.

Just once I wanted to write a book for adults. I’d love to be able to write amazing love scenes, with deep plots and lots of soul-searching depths. Instead, while working on an article for Dog Fancy, a large nosed Basset Hound shoved his muzzle into my face and insisted I write his story. After all, he is the world’s most important, most brilliant, most well-designed creature ever to grace the planet. With grace. And magical drool.

I’ve managed to evade him, the third book of the Magical Drool Mysteries is on the back burner. Now I’m working on a book with a werehuman who is normally a SAR springer spaniel.

Yeah. I’ve gone to the dogs.

This year, I'm simply going to make more opportunities to write. I intend to take advantage of the suggested writing prompts given out during my writers' group because they give me ideas that I possibly wouldn't have thought of myself and I sometimes come up with a story that surprises me.

I'm also going to complete all those half-finished stories in my writing folder.
And if there's any time left over, I'm going to read, read, read!

Resolve or determination?

Do you have favourite words or expressions that you use a lot? As a writer, I try to vary my vocabulary but those habits of speech will come through. One helpful aspect of using a word-processing programme is that you can check up on yourself. I had a look at my use of “resolve” or “resolution” in the sense of determination and found I’ve used it at least once in all but one of my novels. Running the same check for variants of “determination” showed much greater usage, at least 10 times in most of my novels, in one case 20. Mind you, out of approximately 90,000 words that’s not too bad. However, I will now be very self-conscious about using either word, and I may show determination to increase my resolve—at least that ambition will be my purposeful intent as I pursue my aim to vary my vocabulary.

My resolution to help push my writing forward is to develop a Blog.  This might not seem like much too many of you, but for someone like me who is technically challenged, it is a major undertaking!!  Not only will this help me to get "out there," but it will also allow me, with a clear conscience, to guest on the blogs of others since I will be able to reciprocate by having them on mine. 

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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Alladania said...

Generally I don't make resolutions. It's too much commitment. After two months straight of edits, I'm finally picking back up the story I was working on at the beginning of December. Things were moving along, and then I realized I had a timing/continuity issue. Now I get to rethink the ending. Ack. And one ending I've thought about - sometimes the bad guy (at least one of them) gets away with it. But maybe not. My guys don't like loose ends.

Noelle Alladania Meade
Forging Day
Furious Misfortune
Family Values

J.Q. Rose said...

I share many of the writers' resolutions. I am determined to block out a time every afternoon to write--make an appointment with my laptop--and keep it! Enjoyed the musings today. Best wishes for a productive, wonderful year of writing.