Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Muse Marquee: Office Excuses

Can a writer use any part of the house to write? To use as their office? Let’s see:

Living Room:

You set up your desk in the corner. Nice and quiet because no one is allowed to enter the living room unless you have guests. At that point, the husband and the children get to see and remember what the sofa looks like. But that won’t work out for you because you don’t like paperwork mixed with oil paintings, doilies, and lace curtains. The room already looks cluttered with the desk, books, pens, printer, and all that paperwork. This isn’t going to work out.


You decided to buy a laptop and forego the computer package. Great. You settle on one corner of the kitchen table, leaving ample space for your son and husband to sit down and eat. However, your husband wants to read his newspaper and pushes his bowl close to your computer. Your son brings his books to the table to help him with his homework. Your laptop is suddenly located on the counter and you’re afraid someone is going to spill coffee on it – only one who drinks coffee is your husband. This isn’t working out.


You have lots of space and more than enough room for the two cars, boxes of stuff you have no idea what’s in them because you packed them about five years ago and now too scared to open them up in case something with four legs jumps at you. There’s a corner that will fit your computer desk just right. As you’re heading back inside the house a chill nibbles your nape. You check the thermostat and realize – big heavy sigh – there’s no heat in the garage. This isn’t going to work out.


Looking around the house your other options are:

The bedroom – husband snores, watches T.V., likes to go to bed early.

The bathroom – considering it because it has a lock and no one will enter. Then again, you think how low you’ve stooped.

Don’t fret. In all honesty, if you are seriously one of those writers who have come up with all of the excuses above then the writing passion, determination, and perseverance has not hit you yet.

Moral: Real writers find the time and place to write and don’t mind to litter their homes with tons of notebooks and pens in every single room.

Author bio: Lea Schizas is an award-winning author, mommy of five, mommy to quite a few fur-babies...basically an overall proud mommy.

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