Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vacuuming and the Muse

Vacuuming and the Muse
“I Wish I had More Hands!”
by Lea Schizas

“Whatsa doin?”
“Mommy’s writing, sweetie.”
“To make money to build an office.”
“For peace and quiet.”
“To finish her book.”
Why, why, why…wow, just got a great idea for another story.

As parents who decided to stay at home and write, we often curse that decision. Then again, as my example demonstrated, out of sheer nerves of steel, calmly answering questions from our little ones, ideas and our Muse actually do smack us across the face. The writing parents who allow themselves to be objective, understanding there will be times when family and outside commitments will interfere with the writing process, are the ones who progress at a faster pace, or I should say with less nerves. Why? Because they manage to lasso their anger and frustrations more often than the writing parents who believed they’d be writing all the time. Oh, what a fantasy!

The Muse is funny. She hides under the dirt while vacuuming, and as you lift the corner of the carpet she decides to wallop you with a grand idea. With baby in one hand, vacuum in the other, you mentally pen and visualize your storyline. Fear grips you. What if you forget? Where’s that pen and notebook? It’s staring at you on the coffee table. Who or what do you drop to write your story? As a parent, you naturally drop the vacuum, reposition the little one, and off you go writing up a storm.

What does the little scenario prove? That serious writers who work at home understand writing is their passion, and don’t mind delaying vacuuming for a while. Dirt will enter the house in about an hour anyway when the rest of the clan come home, or when you open the window for some fresh summer air floating with dust from cars, pollution, and other nice summery things we so enjoy. Right now, while the house is relatively quiet, reach out and grab a hold of your Muse while she’s visiting.

For those who don’t understand this passion, just finish vacuuming. Kids are going to rush through that door shortly, craving some clean spots to dirty.

As a stay-at-home writer/parent, how do you deal with household/family interruptions? When do you find the time to passionately pen your WIPs?

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