Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Musings: You take a notebook...where?

Sunday is here and let's make it a fun day!

By now you know writers are an unique breed of people. We talk to ourselves, act out strange mimes, and have that stare as if we're living in another world (and at that moment we probably are).

So what better question that to revisit our beloved publisher, LEA SCHIZAS’, Publisher and Mainstream author:  favourite thing to ask:

Anyone else take a pen and notebook into the bathroom with them?

Yes, and phone because that's my other business office. Plus I've been known to cart the laptop in when needed. Yes, way too much information I know

No, I don’t usually take a pen and notebook into the bathroom now. However, I do like to keep a pen in there for the puzzles in some magazines. I usually work at my computer and if I’m stuck not near my computer and not in the bathroom except if I’m out of the house, I’ll use my phone. It’s usually a stop gap and mostly for poetry, because writing a lot on your phone can be a pain. Actually, I have stopped using a notebook and pen, because I find a phone so much more convenient to jot down those immediate thoughts. Only occasionally, I have jotted down something on my phone in the bathroom. I do bring my IPad in to read and though that is kind of heavy I like reading on it. Also, I will be on Facebook and answer email too. So that is writing in a way.

One of my writer friends told me he likes to see the messiness of the writing process. That is why I love the computer and the phone and IPad on which to write. I don’t like the cross outs and for me usually I have a lot of changes. I don’t want to see the messy page. When I was younger I was always embarrassed, because my pages were so sloppy. Even when I would rewrite they would not be as neat as other people. I thought it was because I was messy, but it was really about who I am as a writer. The cross outs were my mind working and now I know.

Lol, that's where I get my reading done!

But I do have a notebook on standby when I'm in the shower or bath. That's where the ideas come from.

No notebook, but like Mel, I always have a book there--especially if it is one of those "hard to read or get interested in" books!

I do a unique combination. A book, notebook and phone. No matter what happens, every time I leave the area where the cell/landline is located they BOTH ring! Ugh! Most times I'm jotting an idea that came to me while in the tub/shower or I'm busy playing a game (because I limit myself to only during that time, lol) and the house phone will ring and then my cell...all while trying to write the idea down enough so it's slightly coherent. :-D You'd be surprised how many ideas pop into my head all while juggling the house phone and cell. Talk about hilarious!

I keep a paper and pen hanging in my shower. I get many ideas when taking a shower and I don't want to count on my memory. I jotted down thoughts there just this week.

Also I have paper and pens on my nightstand. My husband gets irritated (at times) when I turn on my bedside lamp and jot down my ideas in the middle of the night. ;) Often times when going to bed, I'll concentrate on a problem in my manuscript and in morning, a solution often comes to me like magic.

Authors are always in writing mode.

Not into the bathroom, but just about everywhere else.  I keep repeating the idea to myself until I can get to a scrap of paper.  It usually works.

Yes, I carry a notebook with me just about anywhere I go! Ideas come at the most inconvenient of times.

What's really disappointing though, is when I dream a good idea for a story and when I half wake during the night, I remind myself that I must write it down as soon as I wake up in the notebook which is by the bed. However, when I wake up, I realise I've simply dreamt I've had a good idea and I haven't actually had an idea at all or if I have, I've forgotten it!

I keep a notebook with me always - I've lots of them hanging around. They are essential for poetry, and most of my poems just jump out and can disappear just as quick. I've no notebook very near the shower, though. I usually have big ideas in the shower - the whole concept idea, which normally keep, though the morning I read this first mail I had lots of detail ideas for my WIP. Then I went and got my notebook from by bedside and it was an hour later and I was at work before I got a chance to actually sit down and write them out! I think I remembered them all.

As for dreams. Only one ever turned out into a good idea for a book - and that only the general concept. The details were useless! Haven’t finished writing it yet, either....

TERRI BERTHA, Mainstream NEW author

Besides keeping paper/pens throughout house (by bed, favorite recliner), I keep same in my car in case something comes to me when grocery shopping, at gym etc.  I've also use 'Notes' on my phone if no paper available.  :-)

I probably should take or keep a pen and notebook in the bathroom, because generally when a good idea hits, I tend to be in the midst of washing my hair. I’ve startled my other half a few times by running into the bedroom leaving a trail of wet (think snail trail), muttering madly to myself, frantically digging through a drawer while suds slide down my face.  The first few times this occurred, he was a bit worried, now he’ll helpfully say, “Second drawer, honey.”

Not exactly. I go early morning swimming in my local pool at least three times a week. It’s quiet and marked into lanes (slow, medium and fast) so collisions are rare. I go in the slow lane, relaxing and fairly effortless, allowing my thoughts to wander. So I make mental notes, thinking of a particular scene and playing it out in my head. The only danger point I must watch is when I do a length on my back. If my concentration wanders too much I forget to watch for the end of the pool and it would not do my head or its contents much good if I failed to stop in time.

MJ LABEFF, New Mainstream author

Potty talk! This is too much. I’m a Sagittarius, if you know anything about that sign it’s that we’re as honest as the day is long. So honestly speaking, no, never, not once have I ever written anything in the bathroom. I’m not even tempted to enter with pen and paper, and you won’t find any paper, pencils or pens in my John. The bathroom is the library. Enough said. I do wish someone would invent water proof paper and pens. Plot developments seem to occur when I’m in the shower. Something about negative ions…

No, I don't usually take pen and ink into the bathroom. I have taken books and magazines to read in the tub, but I cannot recall a single time when I have taken a notebook and pen. Still, it's something to consider for the next time I want to soak in a hot bath.

Sometimes I will take a pen and notebook into the bathroom because occasionally a great idea will pop into my head. I remember one time when I was taking a bath that what if a great idea popped into my head. I could imagine myself jumping out of the tub, snatching a towel, and running through the house like a crazy lady looking for a pen and paper.  So I try to keep a notebook close by just in case.

Does a digital voice recorder count?

I used to keep a pen and notebook in the bathroom. I also even used to have a tape recorder (remember those?) for audio notes there, but now I accomplish all of those with just my cell phone. My cell is littered with random book notes.

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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Dawn Knox said...

Paper and pen in the shower, Susan Bernhardt? That is dedication! Doesn't it get wet?

Susan Bernhardt said...

Dawn, Lol! The paper usually doesn't get too wet. :) But sometimes it has. I have the paper and pen off to the side and yes, I have used it very often. I've even had to change pads of paper because I used all of the paper on both sides. I get so many ideas in the shower.

Lisa Lickel said...

I was jotting plot notes at a medical visit a couple of weeks ago. I suppose that's why my bp was a little high. I was murdering someone.

Susan Bernhardt said...

That's funny, Lisa Lickel. :)