Monday, May 9, 2016

Interview with Laura Maisano

 Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing 
Laura Maisano, 
author of the series, Illirin.

Who are some of your favorite authors?          
Anne McCaffrey
Marie Lu
Veronica Roth
JK Rowling

What motivated you to become a writer and at what age?         
I’ve always been coming up with stories since I was little. I tried writing in High School but never finished anything. I started seriously writing in 2012 when my friend said my idea was something she’d read in a heartbeat. I never knew someone would want to read my stories, and so I finished my first book.

What 3 words describe you as a person?          

What 3 words describe you as a writer?         

When not writing, how do you spend your time? Hobbies?          
I binge watch a lot of Korean and Japanese dramas. I like to play board games with my friends, and if I had the time, I’d love to do D&D again.

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?          
I don’t remember the first one I ever read, but I remember the first book I finished and though “I love reading!” It was a fantasy called Dragon of the Lost Sea (or something like that). I had only read stuff for school or Fear Street books before then. Fantasy was my calling! I started devouring books after that.

Describe your desk.           
It’s a small black desk with a container of pens and sticky notes. I’ve got a white board for quick notes as well as a cork board to put the post-its when I come to plot problems or to re-arrange scenes.

Who is the main character?        

What's his story?           
In this book, his story is about self-forgiveness and responsibility. He’s partially responsible for the Razing, but he has to learn to let go and finally forgive himself to move on. In doing so, he realizes his responsibility to his people and will do anything to make things right.

Where/when does the story take place?          
It takes place in the present day some on Earth and the rest in an adjacent dimension called Illirin.

How did the story come to you?           
I was watching a lot of anime at the time, and I wanted to create my own fantasy story that had the “real world” and a fantasy world in it. So, that’s how the concept started. Once I had characters, a world, and a problem, the story grew organically from there.

Who is your target audience?           
Teens and college students who love fantasy, anime, and Joss Whedon type shows.

What makes your book different from other similar ones?           
The characters are geeky and there’s a touch of Arthurian legend called upon. It’s a nice mix of things, and since it begins in the real world, it’s easy to adjust to the fantasy when it gets there.

What do your fans mean to you?           
I write to share these stories with other people, so they mean everything. I love to hear that someone has connected to a character or a story I wrote. It makes me work twice as hard to do it again.

Where do you get the inspirations for your book(s)?           
From everything around me. I know, cliché answer, but it’s true. I get ideas from conversations with people, from media I consume, from news stories, etc.

Any advice for new writers just beginning this trek down the wonderful world of publishing?           
Keep writing. If you get burnt out, allow yourself a break to heal, but eventually get back on the horse. It’s hard work, but you only get better through doing it.

Thank you, Laura, for your time. Loved your responses, and you're right about getting back on the horse. It takes hard work as you said along with determination and perseverance.
To read excerpts and more information on Illirin, please visit: LAURA MAISANO

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