Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nude with Red Hat Paperback

Thank you to Joyce Richardson for sending us this picture of her and her newest paperback release.

Nude with Red Hat, book 2 from her The Museum Mystery Series, is now available at:

Barnes & Noble


Susan, winner of a painting fellowship from the Ridges Museum in the college town of Foothills, Ohio, finds her artistic intentions interrupted when the dean of the College of Fine Arts receives a nude painting of his wife in the mail: postmarked Mexico. His wife, Angelina, is missing, and when he receives a second, horrible painting of her a few days later, he believes she has been corrupted, big time. The dean asks Susan to go to San Miguel de Allende to find his wife and bring her home.
In this second book of the The Museum Mystery series, Susan, and later Amy, the wife of the museum director, once more haplessly try to figure out what happened to Angelina, while running head-on into art fraud, prostitution, and murder. The lovely colonial town of San Miguel seems to be more dangerous than anyone thought.

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