Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet Jami Gray

We're thrilled to be interviewing 
multi-published Paranormal Romance author, 
Jami Gray, today. 

Jami Gray is the award winning, multi-published author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, and the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. She can be soothed with coffee and chocolate. Surrounded by Star Wars obsessed males and two female labs moonlighting as the Fur Minxes, she escapes by playing with the voices in her head.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
I could fill pages, but will stick with: Piers Anthony, Patricia Briggs, Christine Feehan, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Lloyd Alexander, Terry Brooks, Douglas Adams, Cynthia Eden, Stephanie Tyler, Maya Banks, and many, many more.

What motivated you to become a writer and at what age?
Living in my head has been my go-to escape for as long as I can remember. The first time I saw Star Wars (yeah, it dates me) I wrote in a role for a female version of Han Solo because Princess Leia drove me nuts. It was all over after that…

What 3 words describe you as a person?
Stubborn, forthright, quiet (I know, seems like those don’t fit, but swear it works)

What 3 words describe you as a writer?
Edgy, dark, and unexpected

When not writing, how do you spend your time? Hobbies?
I have two teenage sons who keep me running non-stop. When I get a chance to catch my breath, I’m then attached to the end of a double leash at the mercy of my two labs. On rare occasions I can hide in a closet with a good book.

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
It wouldn’t’ be the first story I read, but one of the first that left a lasting impression: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. The mix of Arthurian legend and magic set against a modern background just did it for me. I couldn’t get enough of her series, and it started my love affair with Urban Fantasy and the paranormal.

Picture of Jami's desk where all of her creative energy flows onto paper and computer.
 Who is the main character?
We switch between Wolf Kincaid and Meli Dwyer

What is their story?
Wolf is a highly skilled telepath and part of the covert psychic quasi-military group, PSY-IV Teams. When you can read the minds of those around you, finding someone like Meli is more addictive than the rush of adrenaline.

Meli Dwyer is 100% normal without a speck of psychic ability, but her best friend is a seer and part of group straight out of an urban legend. Her life is pretty normal, until her friend introduces her to Wolf and now her life is spinning out of control.

Where/when does the story take place?
Las Vegas, off the main strip, modern times.

How did the story come to you?  

My early years BA (before adoption) were spent as a military brat, and my love for the armed forces follows me into my writing. Those who risk their lives for others already stand apart

Who is your target audience?
Anyone who enjoys a fast paced, adrenaline laced read with heart.

What makes your book different from other similar ones?
I decided to do the PSY-IV Teams series from a first person POV (point of view) something not normally done in romantic suspense, but I wanted my readers to be sucked into the journey from the start, maybe see bits of themselves in the characters.

What do your fans mean to you?
Everything. Being able to share the stories crowding my head with others is what keeps me writing and keeps my fictional worlds real. It’s no fun telling stories to an empty room.

Where do you get the inspirations for your book(s)?
I read/watch a lot of historical and what-if stories, everything from fact to fiction, and they trigger a series of “what-if” questions that tend to lead to story ideas.

Any advice for new writers just beginning this trek down the wonderful world of publishing?
Write the stories you love, not what you think everyone wants to hear. Be courageous and stay true to your voice and heart.

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Susan Bernhardt said...

An interesting interview, Jami and Lea. I just had a conversation this afternoon with a friend (who is not an author) regarding your last statement about what stories to write.

You have to write what you love whether it is a hot seller or not.