Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Musings: What comes first...title or story

Hello Sunday Musers!

And, yes, I'm putting this together in the right time to meet today's publishing...finally, LOL.

I think March's Sunday Musings are going to be one of our best months for not just my questions. My daughter has asked a few. But, let's get to one I'm asking and one I know LEA SCHIZAS, Publisher and Mainstream author:  needs a title first.

What comes first...title or story?

Usually I write the story first and then think of a title when I've finished, although sometimes an appropriate title pops into my mind while I'm in the middle of writing the story. I rarely think up a title first although at my writers' group we sometimes have writing prompts which may include a title and I quite like the challenge of writing a story to match it.

The story comes first.  Sometimes I know the title that fits it right away, sometimes coming up with the correct one requires a bit of thought and a few false starts.

That depends on the story. Usually the title comes first. With If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor I thought of the title and then began the story. The same is true with After, but the original title was When My Life Changed. With Who Is Jennifer Taylor? this was the question I had in my head when I started writing. She is discussed in the first story and we learn a little about her, but we don’t really know her life and why she is doing what she does. The main character in the first one is Carolyn.

For me, the story always comes first.


Scratch that.

Now that I think about it some more, I knew the title of my next book long before I began to write it.

Oh....but I already knew the gist of the plot, so I’m back to my first answer.

Yep. Story always comes first.

That’s my final answer.

I think.   *grins*

Dear reader, thank you again for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Keep smiling and have a fun week. Never stop believing. See you next Sunday…nothing better than being cozy in bed with some Musings.

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Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Great topic. For me, the title usually comes first, then I meet the characters and learn what the title means. Sometimes it changes, as I go through the story. Have a nice week, all.