Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3 Important Writer Attributes

As an author, I always tell new writers they need to have a thick skin to survive in this business. The most important elements, at least for me, are:

·      passion

·      determination

·      perseverance

You need to believe in your passion for the written word, and continue educating yourself on the craft of writing constantly. Never become ‘that’ writer who thinks they know it all. Why? Because they fall flat, not on their ass, but their writing becomes stale, same thing, like rereading an old copy.

You need to be determined not to allow naysayers drag you down and out of your passion. And trust me, there are always naysayers out there, whether family, friends, or neighbors. They feel it’s necessary to tell you that you will never become the next Stephen King. Sadly, they don’t realize it’s not that as much as the gratification of knowing readers love your string of words. Fame is always the cherry at the top, but the passion to finish a book, have readers comment on it, there’s nothing like that feeling in the world.

And you, above all, must persevere any negative reviews, rejection slips that come your way. Take everything in stride, listen carefully what you are being told, then determine whether or not the suggestions/remarks/critiques enhance your book. But in order to ‘listen’ you must remove yourself as the author and now become the reader. 

It’s hard disassociating with your baby but that’s the only way you will be able to ‘hear’ what is being said. Leave your parent hat on and it’s like you have cotton balls stuffed in your ears. As soon as you realize you are ‘explaining’ and ‘defending’ scenes to critique partners remember that your reader doesn’t have the privilege of calling up the author and asking, “Hey, what did you mean in this scene?” So again, become the reader, listen to critique, and assess if they are right or wrong, objectively.

With hundreds of books nowadays being published every day, YOU becomes a speck among the tens of thousands of authors out there. In order to persevere, you need to be resilient, think out of the box, be passionate enough to believe in your work, and always remember it takes time to build a following. 

Regardless how tired I am, regardless how upset I am on yet another 'Why do you bother writing?' comment, regardless on time constrain...writing is my escape, my mini vacation from real life, allowing me the freedom to shape my fictional world the way I want to and meet characters that help me escape chores waiting once my feet touch back down on earth. 

Thank you for reading.

Does anyone have any other words of wisdom to offer new writers?

AUTHOR'S BIO: Lea Schizas is a mommy of five, referred to as Mother Hen by many writers. She discovered writing in her mom's womb when she believed the umbilical cord to be a really cool writing instrument. 

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Rhobin said...

What you have posted about passion, determination, and perseverance is very true, Lea. When a reader leaves a comment about how much they enjoyed my story or characters, I may not have the cherry of fame, but I at least get to enjoy the frosting.