Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Writer's have that AHA moment when they realize they were meant to write novels in a certain genre. We're going to take a closer look this week at some MuseItUp authors and their revelations.

We begin with Ivan Blake, author of the dark fiction novel, DEAD SCARED, book 1 in his The Mortsafeman series.

I was born in Figheldean in Wiltshire, a village as old as time, but a mile from Stonehenge, in the upstairs bedroom of a grim little place called Blake House next to the Wheatsheaf Pub. My father had grown up in the same house and village and loved to tell me chilling tales of the Grey Lady in the churchyard, of nights hunting phantoms up on the Downs, of the skull he’d once found in the roots of an upturned tree after a windstorm, and of the decrepit mill on the river bank and the strange old professor who lived on its top floor.

In turn, I loved to tell my own sons stories about each of the crumbling buildings in the abandoned village near where we always summered. When a few years ago I decided to write novels, I tried my hand at different genres until my sons in exasperation one day said, “write what you’ve always been good at...scaring the wits out of us!” And so I did.

I suppose my aha moment came when I discovered how easily I could weave actual memories and images from my own experience—a lost girlfriend, a strange neighbour, a sad old house, a moment of mortifying embarrassment--into an outrageous and fantastical tale.

That’s what I now enjoy most, taking the mundane, the ordinary, the familiar, and twisting it around, dimming the light, exploring its shadows, listening for the whispers behind the noise, catching the images out of the corner of my eye. With roots in the land of Stonehenge and its burial mounds of ancient kings, I suppose the macabre may indeed be in my DNA.

Dead Scared
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