Friday, February 16, 2018

Meet the Creator of Mucus Phlegmball

   I have always loved to read and discovered a love for writing at the age of twelve. When I had my own children, I read to them from the day they were born. Once they reached elementary school, Captain Underpants was very popular and became their favorite series so I imagined writing something kids would love just as much, but with a more complex story line.
   One day while watching football with my family someone noticed a player with an unusual last name. This prompted my husband and sons to start making up other funny names. When one of them said Mucus Phlegmball it immediately struck me as a great name to build a superhero series around.  After all, if kids enjoyed an underwear-wearing principal, why wouldn't they love a young boy who could blow radioactive snot?
   It was shortly after this I decided to seriously pursue my dream of writing. Thankfully, my sons were full of silliness and creativity and proved to be an excellent resource for me. In addition to weaving in animals (llamas, wereducks, platypus, etc) and other unusual topics of interest to them, I also used some of their personality traits in my characters. Being able to observe my sons with their friends was a tremendous help when it came to writing realistic dialogue. Although my sons were well into high school by the time I finished the series, I could still turn to them when I needed help with the plot or was struggling to remember how an 11-year old may react to a certain situation.
   My hope is that my series will spark a love of reading, especially in those reluctant readers who struggle to find material that interests them. By making my characters relatable, I also believe my readers can learn and grow along with Marcus and Chunk as they struggle with such wide-ranging issues as feelings of inadequacy, racial tension, friendship, trouble in school, bullying and even crushes.

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