Monday, May 7, 2018

Update on Muse Online Writers Conference

This is a post I added to the Muse Online Writers Blog, and since many of you have been attendees in the past, thought it necessary to add it here as well.


Morning everyone. Hope you have an awesome weekend. I'm coming in very quickly before power goes off again (severe winds had us in the dark since last night.) to give you a quick update.

I'm in the process right now of getting us a spanking new forum for the Muse Conference. Difference is this is now the Muse Online Year Round Workshop with free and some paid workshops with professionals to guide you. The forum isn't set up but I wanted you to please go to this link:

and sign up for my newsletter to have up-to-date info about upcoming workshops and forum news straight in your e-box in case you miss info here. The subscription box is to the right on homepage. 

The newsletter subscription is a 2 part process. Once you sign up you will get a confirmation email you must click on before the Thank You post comes your way. Please make sure to check your spam folders. Thanks.

Also, as a back-up, you can bookmark my The Writing Jungle site and go to the top menu and click on MUSE ONLINE WORKSHOPS where I'll be posting titles, presenters, times, and other info directly in there. It's blank right now so have patience. :)

Please feel free to share this with other writers so they're in the know, as well. Thank you.

Just letting you know this blog (meaning the Muse Online Writers Conference blog, not the publishing house blog) will be deleted end of May and all info about the Muse Online Workshops will be posted from now on directly in The Writing Jungle site and newsletter. No use duplicating in several areas. 

Thank you and looking forward to meeting everyone once again in our new forum.



Rhobin said...

Thanks Lea, I've signed up.

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